Medium Format Back

Backs (1/13)

  • Hasselblad 903 Swc With 41050 Focusing Screen, Wlf, A12 & A24 Backs
  • Hasselblad 500cm. 2 Backs, 80mm, 150mm, Acute-matte D, Prism, Fully Serviced
  • Mamiya Press Super 23 Camera With100mm 13.5 Lens, 2 Film Backs And Others Japan
  • Bronica Sq-a Film Kit With Ps 80mm 2.8 Lens, 2x 120 Backs, Plus More
  • Mamiya Rz67 Pr Ii Medium Format Slr Film Camera Kit Withlenses, Backs Mint
  • Mamiya Rz67 Pro Medium Format Slr Film Camera With 110mm Lens + 2 Film Backs
  • Mamiya Rz67 Pro Ii Medium Format Slr Film Camera With Two Lenses And Three Backs
  • Zenza Bronica Gs-1 Medium Format Camera With3 Viewfinders, 4 Lenses, 4 Film Backs
  • Hasselblad 500cm With80mm F2.8 Planar Black T Lens Kit With90 Prism, & Extra Backs
  • N Mintpentax 645 Nii Film Camera With 3film Backs (120x2,220x1) Strap Japan 1187
  • Exc5 Mamiya Rz67 Pro Ii Body With 120 6x7 & 645, Polaroid Film Backs From Japan
  • Contax 645 Bundle (carl Zeiss Planar 2/80, 3 Backs, Etc.)
  • Fotoman Camera, Medium Format Camera, For Digital Backs And Cannon Lenses
  • Contax 645 Medium Format Film Camera Ex+ Condition Works With Digital Backs