Medium Format Back

Prism (1/6)

  • Bronica Sq-ai Ae Prism 6x6 220 Back Loads Of Extras Fully Working Medium Format
  • Bronica Gs Gs-1 6x7 Ae Prism Pg 100mm 120 220 Backs
  • Zenza Bronica Etrsi With Zenzanon Mc 50mm F2.8 + 120 Back + Aeii Prism Finder
  • Hasselblad H3d (with39 Digital Back, Prism) Digital Medium Format #039
  • Mamiya Rb67 Pro Camera With Lens, Prism, And Multiple Film Backs + Lots Of Extras
  • Zenza Bronica Etr Camera W 3 Lenses, Grip, Prism, 3 Backs, Flash & Custom Case
  • Uk Listing Exc + Mamiya Rb67 Pro S With 90mm 3.8, Cds Prism Finder, 2 Backs
  • Mamiya Rb67 Pro Sd + 90mm F/3.5 50mm 4.5 Lenses, Film Backs, Prism Finder, More
  • Phase One Xf Body & Prism For Iq3 Iq4 Medium Format Digital Backs + Arca L Plt
  • Hasselblad H3dii-50 (with50mp Digital Back, Prism) Digital Medium Format #598
  • Zenza Bronica Sq With Prism Finder 80mm Lens And 120 Film Back
  • Mamiya 645 Pro Camera Outfit 80mm Lens 120 Back Metered Prism Ex
  • Zenza Bronica Sq-a Medium Format Camera With 80mm F2.8, 120 Back, Std. Prism
  • Hasselblad 501c Black Withplanar C 80mm F/2.8 T Lens + 2 Backs + Prism Finder