Medium Format Back

Film Format > 6x6 Cm (1/3)

  • Hasselblad Swc/m Medium Format Camera With Biogon 38mm T, A12 Back, Finder #p2529
  • - Hasselblad 500c Camera, Rare Chrome 80mm F2.8 T Lens + A12 Back Exc+++ Cond
  • Early 67' Rolleiflex Sl66 With 80mm F2.8 Planar, Back, Slide, Wl + Instructions
  • Hasselblad Super Wide C Camera, Zeiss Biogon-c 38mm F4.5 T Lens. (2) Backs, +++
  • Zenza Bronica Sq-a 120 Medium Format Film Camera 6x6 135n Back 50mm 80mm 150mm
  • Hasselblad 503 Cx + Zeiss Cf 80mm F2.8 + A12 Back + Pme5 Medium Format Camera
  • Bronica Sq-a 6x6 Medium Format Film + 80mm + 150mm + 3 Backs + Grip + Prism
  • Minthasselblad 203fe Withcfe 80mm F/2.8 E24 Film Backs 6x6 From Japan C164
  • Hasselblad 500 Cm + Zeiss Distagon Cb 60mm F3.5 + A12 Back
  • Hasselblad 500c Camera Outfit Back Lens And Finder
  • Newhasselblad 503cw Medium Format With Cfe 80mm 2.8,120 Film Back Iv, Winder Cw
  • Mint Hasselblad 500 C/m Medium Format Camera With A12/back/waist Level Finder
  • Zenza Bronica Sq-a Medium Format Camera With 80mm F2.8, 120 Back, Std. Prism
  • Zenza Bronica Sq With Prism Finder 80mm Lens And 120 Film Back