Medium Format Back

Zeiss (1/12)

  • With Rare Lens Mint Zenza Bronica S2a S2 Black Film Camera Zeiss 80mm F2.8 Japan
  • With Rare Lens Mint Bronica S2a S2 Black Film Camera Carl Zeiss 80mm F/2.8 Japan
  • Contax 645 Medium Format Camera With Zeiss 80mm F2 Lens, Ae Finder, Mfb-1 Back
  • Hasselblad 500 Cm With 80mm Zeiss Lens A12 Back
  • Hasselblad 501c, Zeiss 80mm F2.8, Waist Level Finder, Prism Finder, A12 Back
  • Exc+++++ Hasselblad Swc Black Carl Zeiss Distagon 38mm F4.5 T A12 Film Back
  • Excellent Linhof Technika Iv 6x9 View Camera Zeiss Tessar 105mm And Roll Back
  • Zeiss Super Ikonta 534 16 Review Compact 6x6 Medium Format Camera
  • Hasselblad 503cx Camera With Film Back And Carl Zeiss Planer 80mm Lens And Extras
  • Contax 139q Review A Compact Zeiss Equipped 35mm Slr
  • Graflex Xl Rf With Zeiss Tessar 100mm F3.5 Lens, Graflok Back & Rh10 Film Back
  • Hasselblad 500cm Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm Cf Lens A12 Back Pme Prism Finder
  • Hasselblad 500 Cm Body With Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm F2.8 Lens A12 Film Back
  • Contax 645 With Carl Zeiss Planar 2/80 Lens, Film Back Excellent Condition